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Since the creation of Autofusion Corporation in 1998, we have stayed true to our mission of succeeding as a leading provider of internet marketing products and solutions for car dealer websites across the country. Headquartered in sunny San Diego, California, Autofusion is comprised of good people with great talent, specializing in the fields of:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Sales
  • Web Design

Together, we work in harmony to create the most effective and most attractive auto dealer websites in the industry.


  • I just want to drop a note to you guys over at Autofusion to let you know how pleased we are with our website and your customer service. We've worked with many of the "big" automotive website hosting vendors and without a doubt, Autofusion has the best customer service of them all.

    All vendors seem to put the best effort out there during the first few months (some fail miserably), but that often fades away and turns into "custom programming charges" just a few months later. Never have we had to pay Autofusion anything outside of our monthly agreement. And we ask for updates to the site that include changes to flash presentations, inventory layout, custom images and landing pages, video updates, and anything else we've asked them to do.

    What's more, there is a plan when we submit work to Autofusion. If the update cannot be done that day, we will be notified as to when we can expect the changes to occur. We've also worked out a proofing procedure to review new landing pages before they go live. This clear level of communication has not been met by any of the competitors we've worked with.

    We look forward to bringing more of our websites over to Autofusion as our contracts with other vendors expire.

    - Darin Simmons
    Fresno, CA
  • With the speed of business today I needed a website partner to run at that speed or faster and have the flexibility to incorporate new ideas, specials and customer conversion ideas into our site that would set us apart from our competition, Autofusion and its brilliant tech support team answers the call time and time again. No more do I have to contend with the typical C***** answer of sorry we don't do it that way. Autofusion has helped our dealership get off the bench and solidly into the internet game, from here it is our job to stay sharp, look for ways to improve the customer shopping/research experience and sell more cars and trucks.

    - Brian Axford
    Escondido, CA
  • I have been in the Automotive sales, and Management for over 16 years and an Internet Automotive Process and Marketing consultant and trainer for the last 8 years and I have been working with Autofusion in the website and SEO marketing arena and they truly deliver quality that is head and shoulders above the rest. They provide the best dealership or dealer group online exposure, as well as SEO / SEM Services, and a design and support team that is top notch. Roy Van Beaumont and Lance Johnson, and all the team are who come through for me day in and day out when it comes to my dealer clients.

    - Michael Tyman
    Roseville, CA

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